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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB18-043 Senate State Office Nominee Rejection Effects 2018a
HB18-1209 No 529 Acct Income Tax Deduction For K-12 Expenses 2018a
HB18-1278 Apprentice Utilization In Public Projects 2018a
HB18-1408 Clarifying Rape From Sexual Assault At Sentencing 2018a
SB18-002 Financing Rural Broadband Deployment 2018a
SB18-047 Repeal Tax Credits Innovative Vehicles 2018a
SB18-062 Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation 2018a
SB18-007 Affordable Housing Tax Credit 2018a
SB18-031 Title 12 Recodification Study One-year Extension 2018a
SB18-033 Animal Feeding Operation Permits Continuation 2018a
SB18-013 Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act 2018a
SB18-038 Reclaimed Water Use On Industrial Hemp 2018a
SB18-218 CO Water Conservation Bd Construction Fund Project 2018a
HB18-1047 Fair Campaign Practices Act Technical Changes 2018a
SB18-208 Create Governor's Mansion Maintenance Fund 2018a
SB18-209 Modifications To Government Data Advisory Board 2018a
SB18-191 Local Government Limited Gaming Impact Fund 2018a
SB18-150 Voter Regis Individuals Criminal Justice System 2018a
SB18-145 Implement Employment First Recommendations 2018a
SB18-167 Enforce Reqmnts 811 Locate Underground Facilities 2018a
SB18-086 Cyber Coding Cryptology For State Records 2018a
SB18-158 School Access To Interoperable Communication Tech 2018a
SB18-108 Eligibility Colorado Road & Community Safety Act 2018a
SB18-267 Create Justice Center Maintenance Fund 2018a
SB18-250 Jail-based Behavioral Health Services 2018a