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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB18-266 Controlling Medicaid Costs 2018a
SB18-259 Local Government Retail Marijuana Taxes 2018a
SB18-262 Higher Ed Targeted Master Plan Funding 2018a
SB18-247 Local Gov Medical Benefits In Work-related Death 2018a
SB18-232 Calculation For Art In Public Places Requirement 2018a
SB18-235 CO Industrial Hemp Research & Dev Authority 2018a
SB18-231 Transition to Community-based Services Task Force 2018a
SB18-225 Definition Of Early College High Schools 2018a
SB18-255 Electronic Documents & Signatures Vehicle Titles 2018a
SB18-203 Conflict-free Representation In Municipal Courts 2018a
SB18-206 Research Institutions Affordability For Residents 2018a
SB18-179 Extend Credit For Out-of-state Tobacco Sales 2018a
SB18-156 Publish County Financial Reports Online Annually 2018a
SB18-141 Income Tax Check-off Nonprofit Donation Fund 2018a
SB18-219 Motor Vehicle Dealer & Manufacturer Service Rates 2018a
SB18-163 Extend Repeal Early Childhood Legislative Commn 2018a
SB18-119 False Imprisonment Of A Minor 2018a
SB18-205 Industrial Hemp Designation Agricultural Product 2018a
SB18-249 Redirection Crim Jus Behavioral Health 2018a
SB18-251 Statewide Behavioral Health Court Liaison Prog 2018a
SB18-242 Public Official Oath Of Office 2018a
SB18-245 Allow Natural Occurring Radioactive Material Rules 2018a
SB18-248 Additional Revenues Urban Renewal Projects 2018a
SB18-253 CSTARS Acct Transfer To DRIVES Acct Effective Date 2018a
SB18-230 Modify Laws Drilling Units Pooling Orders 2018a