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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HJR18-1002 Outdoor Recreation Industry 2018a
SB18-241 Colorado Children First Act 2018a
SB18-172 Horse Racing Licensee Alcohol & Drug Testing 2018a
HB18-1211 Medicaid Fraud Control Unit 2018a
HB18-1119 Highway Building & Maintenance Funding 2018a
HB18-1097 Patient Choice Of Pharmacy 2018a
SB18-159 Innovation Sch Operating As A Community Sch 2018a
HB18-1046 New Birth Certificate To Reflect Gender Change 2018a
HB18-1158 Supplemental Approp - Dept Of Corr 2018a
HB18-1221 Income Tax Deduction For 529 Acct K-12 Expenses 2018a
HB18-1248 Unauthorized Funds Transfers Consumer Protection 2018a
HJR18-1001 Message From Governor 2018a
SR18-001 Senate Officers And Employees 2018a
HJR18-1008 Adaptive Sports Programs For Veterans 2018a
SB18-216 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Public Utilities 2018a
SB18-058 Failure Report Child Abuse Statute Of Limitations 2018a
SB18-051 Prohibit Multi-burst Trigger Activators 2018a
SB18-081 Emergency Medical Service Providers Licensing 2018a
SB18-114 Suicide Prevention Enhance Student Life Skills 2018a
SB18-006 Recording Fee To Fund Attainable Housing 2018a
SB18-053 Primary Offense For No Safety Belt 2018a
SB18-008 Reward Access To Arts Education In Public Schools 2018a
SB18-004 Funding For Full-day Kindergarten 2018a
SB18-147 Educator Loan Forgiveness Program 2018a
SB18-133 Higher Ed Certificate Performance Funding 2018a