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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HB19-1076 Clean Indoor Air Act Add E-cigs Remove Exceptions 2019a
HB19-1077 Pharmacist Dispense Drug Without Rx In Emergency 2019a
HB19-1078 Landowner Consent Listing National Register 2019a
HB19-1079 End Taxpayer-funded Lobbying Act 2019a
HB19-1080 Benefits For First Responders With A Disability 2019a
HB19-1081 Respondent Rights Discrimination Complaints 2019a
HB19-1082 Water Rights Easements 2019a
HB19-1083 Athletic Trainers License 2019a
HB19-1084 Notice To Property Owners Whether Area Blighted 2019a
HB19-1085 Grants For Property Tax Rent & Heat 2019a
HB19-1086 Plumbing Inspections Ensure Compliance 2019a
HB19-1087 Local Public Meeting Notices Posted On Website 2019a
HB19-1088 Modify Income Tax Credit Health Care Preceptors 2019a
HB19-1089 Exemption From Garnishment For Medical Debt 2019a
HB19-1090 Publicly Licensed Marijuana Companies 2019a
HB19-1091 Conservation Easement Transparency 2019a
HB19-1092 Animal Ban For Cruelty To Animals Conviction 2019a
HB19-1093 Higher Education Fixed-rate Tuition Contracts 2019a
HB19-1094 Internet Link To Basic Life Skills Ed Courses 2019a
HB19-1095 Physician Assistants Supervision & Liability 2019a
HB19-1096 Colorado Right To Rest 2019a
HB19-1097 General Fund Reductions 2019a
HB19-1098 Deeds To Convey Real Property 2019a
HB19-1099 Eliminate Red Light Cameras 2019a
HB19-1100 Prohibit Use Restriction On School District Prop 2019a