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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HJR19-1002 Joint Session For Governor's Message 2019a
HJR19-1003 Joint Session For Message From Judiciary 2019a
HJR19-1004 Joint Rules Committees Of Reference 2019a
HJR19-1005 Water Projects Eligibility Lists 2019a
HJR19-1006 Commemorate Doctor Martin Luther King Junior 2019a
HM19-1001 Memorialize Former Speaker John Fuhr 2019a
HR19-1001 Temporary House Rules 2019a
HR19-1002 House Employees And Offices 2019a
HR19-1003 House Of Representatives Committees Of Reference 2019a
SB19-001 Expand Medication-assisted Treatment Pilot Program 2019a
SB19-002 Regulate Student Education Loan Servicers 2019a
SB19-003 Educator Loan Forgiveness Program 2019a
SB19-004 Address High-cost Hlth Insurance Pilot Program 2019a
SB19-005 Import Prescription Drugs From Canada 2019a
SB19-006 Electronic Sales & Use Tax Simplification System 2019a
SB19-007 Prevent Sexual Misconduct At Higher Ed Campuses 2019a
SB19-008 Substance Use Disorder Treatment In Crim Jus Sys 2019a
SB19-009 Financial Incentives For Rural Educators 2019a
SB19-010 Profl Behavioral Health Services For Schools 2019a
SB19-011 Fermented Malt Beverage & Malt Liquor License 2019a
SB19-012 Use Of Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving 2019a
SB19-013 Medical Marijuana Condition Opiates Prescribed For 2019a
SB19-014 Organized Retail Theft Prevention 2019a
SB19-015 Create Statewide Health Care Review Committee 2019a
SB19-016 Sev Tax Operational Fund Distribution Methodology 2019a