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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB19-017 Requirements For CDOT Land Acquisitions 2019a
SB19-018 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Age 2019a
SB19-019 County Fireworks Restrictions July 4th 2019a
SB19-020 Wildland Fire Airspace Patrol System 2019a
SB19-021 Board Of Health Approval For Legal Services 2019a
SB19-022 Bonuses For Highly Effective Teachers 2019a
SB19-023 Cryptocurrency Exemption CO Digital Token Act 2019a
SB19-024 Taxes Paid By Electronic Funds Transfers 2019a
SB19-025 Information To Students Regarding Safe Haven Laws 2019a
SB19-026 Postconviction Remedy Proceedings 2019a
SB19-027 County Authority Unclaimed Body Final Disposition 2019a
SB19-028 Allow On & Off Premises Beer Licenses Rural Areas 2019a
SB19-029 Income Tax Residency Presumption For Military 2019a
SB19-030 Remedying Improper Guilty Pleas 2019a
SB19-031 Child Welfare Allocations Cmt Composition 2019a
SB19-032 Hazardous Materials Transportation Routing 2019a
SB19-033 Automatic Law Waivers For School Districts 2019a
SB19-034 Local Gov Recycling Standards For Food Containers 2019a
SB19-035 DOR Enforcement Measures Collection Of Tax Owed 2019a
SB19-036 State Court Administrator Reminder Program 2019a
SB19-037 Wildfire Mitigation 2019a
SB19-038 Agricultural Trailers Port Of Entry Clearance 2019a
SB19-039 Interdistrict Transportation Of Students 2019a
SB19-040 Establish Colorado Fire Commission 2019a
SB19-041 Health Insurance Contract Carrier & Policyholder 2019a