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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB18-060 Protective Orders In Criminal Cases 2018a
SB18-020 Registered Psychotherapists Auricular Acudetox 2018a
HB18-1183 Sunset Repeal Dept Ag Regulation Home Sale Of Meat 2018a
HB18-1005 Notice To Students Of Postsecondary Courses 2018a
HB18-1023 Relocate Title 12 Marijuana To New Title 44 2018a
HB18-1051 Statutory Provisions Extinguish Unattended Fires 2018a
HB18-1117 Self-service Storage Facility Personal Prop Liens 2018a
SB18-125 Title Insurance Entity Fiduciary Duties 2018a
HB18-1233 Consumer Reporting Agency Security Freeze Minors 2018a
HB18-1103 Local Government Off-highway Vehicle Regulation 2018a
HB18-1137 Reporting Requirements DOT & DPS To GA 2018a
HB18-1142 Remove Term "Pauper" From C.R.S. 2018a
SB18-082 Physician Noncompete Exemption For Rare Disorder 2018a
HB18-1415 Regulate Student Education Loan Servicers 2018a
HB18-1196 Applications For Aid To The Needy Disabled Prog 2018a
SB18-134 PUC Deregulate Nonprofit Water Utilities 2018a
SB18-135 Update Colorado Code Of Military Justice 2018a
HB18-1148 Stage Four Advanced Metastatic Cancer Step Therapy 2018a
HB18-1112 Pharmacist Health Care Services Coverage 2018a
HB18-1246 Modernization Of The Nursery Act 2018a
SB18-161 Repeal Behavioral Health Transformation Council 2018a
SB18-170 Reservoir Releases For Fish & Wildlife Mitigation 2018a
SB18-176 Board Meeting Dates SW Water Conservation Dist 2018a
HB18-1154 Protect Consumer Solicit Pub Record Copy For Fee 2018a
SB18-106 Loc Gov Pledging Sales & Use Tax Cap Improvement 2018a