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Bill # Bill Topic Session
HB18-1092 Marijuana Delivery Pilot Project 2018a
SB18-184 Permit Short-term Extraction Construction Material 2018a
SB18-192 Local Gov Liable Fracking Ban Oil & Gas Moratorium 2018a
HB18-1157 Increased Reporting Oil & Gas Incidents 2018a
HB18-1386 Allow Treasurer Collect Property Tax Prepayments 2018a
SB18-217 Alcohol Beverage Retailer Off-site Service Permit 2018a
HB18-1245 Prohibit Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider 2018a
HB18-1219 Provider Access To CO Benefits Mgmt System 2018a
SB18-149 Records Of Denver Health & Hospital Authority 2018a
SB18-078 Exempt Old Vehicles From Some Regis Charges 2018a
HB18-1065 DHS Employee Discipline Harm To Vulnerable Persons 2018a
HB18-1134 Use Of Colorado Preschool Program Positions 2018a
SJR18-005 Approval Of U.S.S. Colorado Ship's Crest Donation 2018a
HB18-1017 Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact 2018a
SR18-005 CDPHE Assisted Living Residence Rules 2018a
SB18-237 Out-of-network Providers Carriers Required Notices 2018a
SB18-227 Pet Animal Care Facilities Act PACFA Continuation 2018a
SB18-136 Health Insurance Producer Fees & Fee Disclosure 2018a
HB18-1312 Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado 2018a
HB18-1114 Require License Practice Genetic Counseling 2018a
HB18-1288 Conflict-free Case Management 2018a
SB18-107 Repeal Nomination Vacancy Filling In Mun Elections 2018a
SB18-181 4-year Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection Cycle 2018a
SB18-032 Title 12 Relocation 2018a
HB18-1008 Mussel-free Colorado Act 2018a