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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB19-042 National Popular Vote 2019a
SB19-043 Increasing Number Of District Court Judges 2019a
SB19-044 CDPHE Emergency Medical & Trauma Care System 2019a
SB19-045 Clarify Radiation Advisory Committee Compensation 2019a
SB19-046 Appraisal Management Company Definition 2019a
SB19-047 Remove Unauthorized Persons From Vacant Land 2019a
SB19-048 Protect Students From Harmful Material 2019a
SB19-049 Statute Of Limitation Failure Report Child Abuse 2019a
SB19-050 District Attorney Office Salary 2019a
SB19-051 Increase General Fund Funding For Transportation 2019a
SB19-052 Emer Medical Service Provider Scope Of Practice 2019a
SB19-053 California Motor Vehicle Emission Standards 2019a
SB19-054 Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation 2019a
SB19-055 Reduce State Income Tax Rate 2019a
SB19-056 Veterans Employment Preference By Private Employer 2019a
SB19-057 Employee Info Student Loan Repayment Programs 2019a
SB19-058 Enactment of CRS 2018 2019a
SB19-059 Automatic Enrollment In Advanced Course Grant Prog 2019a
SB19-060 Educator Supplies Tax Credit 2019a
SB19-061 Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Testing & Cert 2019a
SB19-062 Limit Agency Rule-making Authority To Amend Rules 2019a
SB19-063 Infant And Family Child Care Action Plan 2019a
SB19-064 Retain Criminal Justice Programs Funding 2019a
SB19-065 Peer Assistance Emergency Medical Service Provider 2019a
SB19-066 High-cost Special Education Trust Fund Grants 2019a