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Bill # Bill Topic Session
SB19-067 Rural Development Grant Program Creation 2019a
SB19-068 Expand Disclosure Electioneering Communications 2019a
SB19-069 Nonpublic School Teacher Development Programs 2019a
SB19-070 DNR Language Update 2019a
SB19-071 Child Hearsay Exception 2019a
SB19-072 Bill Of Rights Protected Person Under Guardianship 2019a
SB19-073 Statewide System Of Advance Medical Directives 2019a
SB19-074 Support For Literacy Enrichment For Young Students 2019a
SB19-075 Display Original Colorado Constitution In Capitol 2019a
SB19-076 CDOT Consulting Engineer Contracts 2019a
SB19-077 Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services 2019a
SB19-078 Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado 2019a
SB19-079 Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances 2019a
SB19-080 CDPHE Emergency Epidemic Preparedness 2019a
SB19-081 Repeal Cancer Drug Repository Act 2019a
SB19-082 Repeal Board Of Health Authority Over CDPHE Funds 2019a
SB19-083 CDPHE Air Quality Control 2019a
SB19-084 Revised Uniform Law Remote Notarization 2019a
SB19-085 Equal Pay For Equal Work Act 2019a
SB19-086 Update Business Entity Laws 2019a
SJM19-001 Memorial For Arkansas Valley Conduit 2019a
SJM19-002 Corps Of Engineers To Dredge Lower Arkansas River 2019a
SJR19-001 Temporary Joint Rules 2019a
SJR19-002 G.A. Salary Ranges 2019a
SR19-001 Temporary Senate Rules 2019a