Legislative Council

The Legislative Council is the legislative oversight committee for the Legislative Council Staff, and is responsible for approving the Legislative Council Staff budget, approving written requests for interim study committees, reviewing legislation created by committees that meet during the legislative interim, and reviewing the ballot information booklet prepared by Legislative Council Staff.

Committee: J_LC_2018A

Chamber Joint Committee

Committee Type: Year Round Committee

Session: 2018 Regular Session

Staff email: Rachel.Kurtz-Phelan@state.co.us

Committee Members

Cole Wist
Jerry Sonnenberg
Ray Scott
Lori Saine
Dan Pabon
Patrick Neville
Jovan Melton
Vicki Marble
Susan Lontine
Andy Kerr
Matt Jones
Chris Holbert
Leroy Garcia
Kerry Donovan
Perry Buck
KC Becker
Kevin Grantham
Vice Chair
Crisanta Duran

Committee Meetings