Chrome Notes

Interesting things about Chrome

Chrome has its own Task Manager

  • Shift-Escape


displays Memory Statistics for Chrome and Other Browsers

Chrome Shortcuts


  • S-C-J: Javascript Console
  • S-C-I: Developer Tools
  • S-C-Del: Delete Browsing Data
  • S-C-T: new tab
  • S-C-N: new Incognito Window
  • C-N: new Window

Chrome Extensions

Developer Tools

  • hit F12 to pull up and dismiss interface (or S-C-i)
  • right click on element and select inspect element from menu

Manipulate CSS on the Fly

  • Double click in the CSS pane of elements menu to change CSS property.
  • Tab completion: hit tab for tab completion
  • To add a new element to css, click on gear menu at top of CSS menu.
  • Developer Tools keeps track of revisions, any css file with an arrow
    by it, has a revision history of your changes
    • To see revision, click the Resources tab, any css files listed
      with arrow next to name, have revision history.
      • If you click on a file name, the css file will be displayed and
        any changes from original will be highlighted.
    • Right click on it, and select "Save as.." to save a revision of
      the css file.
    • Drag and drop the revision into most editors.
    • You can right click on a revision to revert to that version of the
      CSS history.

Command Line API

  • dir()
  • inspect()
  • $0
  • copy()


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