Drush Git Backup

Drush Git Backup

What is Drush Git Backup?

Drush Git Backup is a series of drush commands that help automate git
backups of a drupal site and also mysql dumps of the database.

DGB Instance

To use DGB, you create a DGB instance for your site. This is instance
is located in the directory above your DRUPALROOT it contains a git
repository of your drupal site files and also a mysql dump of your database.

What is in DGB Archive

The DGB instance directory is the directory up from your DRUPALROOT.

each site's db dump is in databases/<site-name>.sql

Database dump for default is in databases/default.sql

There is a Git repository of your site's files

# from DRUPAL_ROOT cd up into the DGB instance directory
cd ..
# see list of git commits
git log
# see what files have changed since last call to drush dgb-backup
git status


Install DGB

cd <drush directory>/commands/
git clone https://github.com/scor/dgb.git

Setup DGB for a site

# cd up one directory
cd ..
# create directory for backed up database
mkdir databases
# initialize a git repository
git init

Back up Site


drush dgb-backup

Clone the Site for development

cd ../..
git clone <path to dgb instance> <dev-dgb-instance>
cd <dev-dgb-instance>
# create a new branch called "my-dev-branch"
git branch my-dev-branch
# checkout the new dev branch
git checkout my-dev-branch
# now create a new database with the database dump
# change <dbuser>, <dbpasswd>, <devdbname> and <path-to-dgb-instance>

# and also the substitute default.sql for the name of your databasedump
mysql -u <dbuser> -p <dbpasswd> <devdbname> < databases/default.sql
# now finally update settings.php to point to your dev database
vim sites/default/settings.php
# finally check that there is an .htaccess file in your new dev
# <DRUPAL_ROOT> if not, copy it over from the cloned siteF


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