Project Ideas

Project Ideas

  • Runkeeper calendar heatmap

  • Gallery plugin for static site generator.

    • Perhaps for Hakyll?

Weekly Pinboard Email

automatic email to send weekly pinboard links

Weekly GitHub Trending Repos email

add customize page where users can add specific languages they want to see

Clojure Fractal Viewer

with java swing components?

Rewrite Bookies (again!) in Clojure, Compojure, Hiccup.

enjoy authenticating and authorization in Clojure :)

Chess app in Om, Clojurescript with Clojure backend

 Two players can play chess:
  1. the board is shown from the players POV
  2. a table of moves is shown below board
  3. clearly indicate who's turn it is.

Old Projects Ideas :(

  • Rewrite Garlic Invaders in HTML/JS

  • Create game that takes picture and creates slider puzzle (could write in Clojure to make it interesting again)

This is a place to keep project ideas