Review: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

Book 2 of my Philip K Dick 60s novels binge. I'll have to write the full review of this book later, another mind-bending story involving hallucinogens, shifting realities, religious epiphanies.

In the future the United Nations is colonizing distant planets and the moon. Only life in this colonies is lonely and dull, so the colonists spend their time and money taking the hallucinogenic drug Can-D and staring at "Perky Pat" doll-houses until they transform into Perky Pat or her boyfriend, who live back on Earth, go to the beach and have sex. This past time becomes a full-blown religion to the colonists with arguments over transubstantiation of the body into the Perky Pat layout, it also becomes big business and the Perky Pat Layout company hires pre-cogs to predict which fashion accessories will sell well on Mars. This all works well until the mysterious billionaire entrepreneur Palmer Eldritch suddenly returns to Earth from the distant star Proxima Centauri. Does he have a new religion/drug? How will it compete with Can-D?