Creating a Better Print Screen

How I created a print screen command that automatically uploaded a screenshot to Google's free Picasa Image Hosting Service.

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Working on an Issue from the Drupal Issue Queue

How to set up a development environment with git for working on issues in the Drupal Issue Queue.

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Git Log to the Rescue

A summary of the different options for viewing a project's commit history with git log.

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Vim Tip: yanking or deleting a big chunk of text

Using Vim to separate database sections in a Large Database Dump.

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Phone update update: Wow, that was fast

I just updated my G1/dream to CyanogenMod- with danger spl. The actual flashing of the 3 different roms (danger-spl, defanged base, cm- part only took about 20 minutes. This was after I had already downloaded all of the necessary files, copied them to the SD card and verified my radio version (Settings->About phone->Baseband version).

The first time you root your phone it will take a bit longer than this. One of the reasons it is much faster after the first time, is because during the initial rooting process, you load a "recovery utility" that you will use later.

Now to wait for CyanogenMod-5.0.7 to drop.

Updating my android g1 phone to cyanogen with Danger SPL

Tonight cyanogen is releasing 5.0.7 of the cyanogenmod. This is a modified ROM for android phones, that will finally allow g1 phone users like myself to run most of the latest android apps on our phones. It will add most of the Android Eclair functionality to older android phones, except for Live Wallpapers, but I didn't really see myself using any live wallpapers anyway.

Test several websites on your computer at once

After watching several videos from last week's DrupalCon I had an itch to try out Drupal 7 for myself. The problem was I already had a site I was testing on my laptop. I could've downloaded it to my test server, but I've been testing alot lately at coffee shops with spotty wifi, so I decided I'd add some entries to my hosts file instead and write up a quick How-to.

(pre-requisites: You must have apache, php and mysql already running on your workstation. On ubuntu this is as simple as opening synaptic and searching for each of these packages and installing them: apache2, php5, mysql.)

Multiple development websites in 3 steps.

1. Edit your hosts file.

Non-destructibly upgrade your android app's database

So your android app is out in the wild with thousands of Happy Users and the Happy Users are begging and pleading for a new feature that requires a new field in your database. However, the aforementioned Happy Users, would quickly turn to Unhappy Users if your next upgrade wiped their data when it restructured the app's database.

What to do?

Here's how I upgraded my app's Database schema, while preserving all of the user's data.

First of all, I use a DatabaseHelper class (that extends SQLiteOpenHelper) that performs some of the basic database needs (create, upgrade).


Review: Dr Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick

Dr Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick

Dr Bloodmoney by Philip K Dick

This novel by P K Dick is a bit of a change of pace for the author. The setting for the story is just before and after a Nuclear Apocalypse. There are some familiar Dickian elements: the Gnostic vision of a world ruled over by a false demiurge with a distant, helpless Deity looking on from beyond the planet. In this case the demiurge is the phocomelus Hoppy Harrington and the deity is an orbitting astronaut, the witty radio voice of Dangerfield that people all over the world tune into every night when the satellite he is stranded on is within range.

The Essential Touring Cyclist: A Complete Guide for the Bicycle Traveler

This is a good book to introduce you to Bicycle Touring. It has a really good chapter on training, with advice on building up enough weekly miles to comfortably bike a century (100 miles in a day) or start off on tour.

Review: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

Book 2 of my Philip K Dick 60s novels binge. I'll have to write the full review of this book later, another mind-bending story involving hallucinogens, shifting realities, religious epiphanies.

Review: Ubik by Philip K. Dick

Ubik by Philip K Dick

Glen Runciter runs Terra's most successful prudence organization, a category of business designed to prevent pre-cogs and telepaths from reading your thoughts and future and gaining a business edge with your secrets. But business is bad: all of Runciter's main adversaries' talents are disappearing somewhere off-world and he has no idea where. So at the beginning of the story Runciter visits his wife Ella, who lives suspended in half-life or cold-pak storage a sort of limited-time limbo between life and death.

Review: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

A person answers a personal in a newspaper:
Teacher seeks pupil
must earnestly want to save the world
apply in person

When he arrives at the office, he finds an overstuffed chair, a bookshelf full of books and a lowland gorilla behind a wall of glass. That can communicate telepathically.


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