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These are some quick notes on how I added a group by clause to a query for a view in Drupal 7.

Drupal 7 includes jQuery 1.4.4 by default. So getting started using jQuery in your module or theme is really simple. The easiest way to include a javascript file is to include it in a .info file with a line like "scripts[]= myfile.js".

John Gould print image of Ornithorhynchus anatinus (platypus) and drupal.  From wikipedia.

One of the difficulties of keeping a Drupal website completely in version control, is that a lot of the configuration is stored in the database. Each change you make to a site via clicking and saving on a site administration page is saved in the database.

These are the steps, using git mostly, needed to work on an issue from the drupal issue queue.

First Time: Clone Drupal Core

cd into your development folder and git clone drupal core, (in this case, I'm working on a drupal 8 issue).

I found a couple of drupal sites on a web server that were badly in need of security updates.

After watching several videos from last week's DrupalCon I had an itch to try out Drupal 7 for myself. The problem was I already had a site I was testing on my laptop.

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